Custom Battery Pack Assembly


FULGURBATTMAN has been active on the European market since 1996. We specialise in batteries, accumulators and in the welding of battery packs of all chemistries, including Li-Ion, featuring safety electronics at the customer's request.

We are a certified business partner of Panasonic and other world-renowned manufacturers of batteries and accumulators. Together with our partners, we can always design and manufacture a battery pack that best suits the needs of the customer.

Thanks to many years of experience with professional spot welders in our development and production departments, we can respond to our customers' needs in a qualified way and quickly. Our installation and service centre is equipped with all the necessary devices, such as testers by CADEX, the world leader in battery testing.

Our main priority is to find the best solutions for our customers, to offer implementation according to the customer's time and technical requirements and to provide an extra security by delivering the highest quality products. This is – among others – assisted by our logistics centre in the heart of Europe stocking over 8,000 items.


Supplies of battery packs of all chemistries in custom design.
Supplies of individual cells.
Design, calculations and tailor-made production.
3D modelling of designed packs.
Warranty and post-warranty service.
We can arrange the necessary testing of tailor-made battery packs.



We satisfy your special requirements. As soon as possible, we weld your battery packs to your needs.

We will prepare the battery pack according to the existing pattern or we will propose a new one, including the BMS.

We wrap the battery packs to a shrink foil or to solid boxes. Again with complete development and tailored production.

On battery packs we can put your logo, label or laser marking. Everything including a complete warranty.

We use proven technologies and procedures in our production. We are globally insured against damages of up to USD 5 mil.


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